Thursday, January 7, 2010

What oil weight is best for cold winter driving?

The ';W'; in and oils rating, such as 10W-30 means the oil meets specifications for viscosity at 0掳 F and is suitable for winter use. The only stuff you would have to change is if you've been running SAE30 you will need to switch to either 5W30 or 10W30 I would opt for 10W30 myselfWhat oil weight is best for cold winter driving?
5w30 would be better,because its lighter and it will get to all internal parts faster.What oil weight is best for cold winter driving?
I see some new cars recommend using 5W20, it's best to stick with their recommended oil weight. For most temperate weather most cars, 10W30 pr 10-W40 is good. In colder weather, 5W20 or 5W30 is better for cold starts, since it's thinner at start up it's easier for it to warm up.
Whatever is recommended for your vehicle. The winter weight doesn't change with oil even in summer. So if your car takes 5w/30 then use that. It's rated for all year long.
depending on year and make of car. Either 5w30 or if dodge honda or ford newer model 5w20.
5w30, but just stick to the manufacturer recommended, or some synthetic works better if your willing to pay more.
I asked my husband who is a Ase certified mechanic and he said it depends on the motor if u will Im me ill be glad to help
Go by what the manufacturer recommends. It should say on the oil filler cap. The recommended viscosity, is what you should stick with............ the engine specks, oil, and the bearing clearances of the motor, are all figured by the car manufacturers engineers.

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